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Before I started Stone Street Advisors, I used to write fairly frequently about a wide range of topics, from public policy (income inequality, tax), to high level single-company analysis. When I started the company, I decided if I was going to "give work away for free," I was only going to publish high-quality work, and focus on single-name research, putting aside broader interests, which I felt at the time, would distract me from focusing on our mission, and could alienate current/potential clients.

In hindsight, my fears of alienating anyone by writing about politicized or even remotely controversial views (on companies or issues) were overblown. I've been able to discuss in other mediums without any (so far as I can tell) negative consequences, personally or professionally, save losing a few Twitter followers, which truly doesn't matter.

It's high time I got back to writing my thouhts in longer than 140 character form. So doing provides me with a structure to organize and better consider my ideas and analysis. If my writing for The Atlantic, Forbes, and other outlets over the years is any indication, I hope this newfound effort will help readers better understand issues, business/investing themes, and some of our work on the companies/opportunities we are working on analyzing.

Thanks for reading,

Jordan S. Terry

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