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Stone Street Advisors LLC (SSA) was founded in 2011 as an independent fundamental investment research business. The firm is now a private, single-family investment manager. The philosophy, however, has stayed the same.  

We operate differently than most managers. We seldom prognosticate on or react to short-term market swings. We allocate the majority of assets to passive strategies, allowing us to focus on only the most lucrative opportunities for discretionary assets. With our "go-anywhere" approach, we are not limited to any asset class, geography, company size, lifecycle stage, industry, or holding period. 


Naturally, we prefer visible hard catalysts, however, we believe patience is an strong determinant of long-term alpha generation. As such, our primary goal is to identify persistent success (long) and invariable failure (short) well before our expectations are priced-in. We aim for all of our long/short equity and credit ideas to return at least 50% within three years.


Stone Street was built upon four core characteristics that have, and continue to allow us to deliver exceptional performance. We are:



•We have no outside investors or outside assets

•We choose which opportunities to pursue and when, and how


•We do not engage in any other business

–Long-term, value-oriented

•We seek to identify investment opportunities with at least 50% upside (long or short) over the next 1-3 years, sometimes longer for special situations

–Accountable for performance

•Please see our "Track Record" page, accessible via dropdown in the top menu bar




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