The best way to learn what Stone Street Advisors does is to understand what we don't.

We are not here to glad-hand you or give you one service so we can sell you others. We don't overwhelm you with inherently conflicted, unimaginative and commoditized sell-side research so we can get your prime brokerage, sales & trading, clearing or other business.

Stone Street Advisors does not engage in investment screening, idea generation, or portfolio management, nor do we seek to replace clients' own research & analysis efforts. Rather, we complement and supplement them, allowing fund managers to review in-depth analysis on far more potential investment opportunities than they can with existing resources, at a far lower cost than hiring new temporary or full-time employees.

At Stone Street Advisors we do one thing - provide flexible, independent, customized research & analysis - and we pride ourselves on doing it better than anyone else in the world.